Who I Am

A genealogist with nearly twenty years research experience in American, Canadian, English and Irish sources, Sara delivers impeccable research and in-depth problem analysis. Following her 2014 certification by the Board for Certification of Genealogists, Scribner retired from a forty-plus year career in public and academic research libraries to open Scribner Genealogy, a Salt Lake City based research firm. Her "No Name, No Number: George Holmes' Orphans," appeared as the lead article in the peer-reviewed National Genealogical Society Quarterly September 2015 issue. She lectures regularly at genealogical conferences on a wide variety of subjects, as well as presenting webinars.

Born in Macon, Georgia to a Southern mother and a first generation Canadian-American father, she soon discovered the joys of Quaker and Loyalist research and the sorrows of research in The South. Her traditional educational background prepared her for nit-picking old, hard to read documents, and always aiming for excellence. She explores genealogical subjects in her playwriting. A recent project, Alis, is an operatic treatment of her ancestor, Alis (Martin) Clark Bishop, hung in Plymouth Colony in 1648 for murdering her toddler.

Educational Background

I hold bachelor’s degrees from Vassar College and the California College of the Arts, as well as a master’s degree from Simmons College (Graduate School of Library Science). Vassar prepared me to doggedly pursue excellence and think critically. Simmons and my subsequent career in libraries, showed me how to research. My art degree opened the world of creativity and design.

I am a frequent attendee at weeklong genealogical institutes to learn new areas like genetic genealogy, broaden my expertise and focus on my own family research. This is a selected list of topics I’ve studied in depth.



Continuing Education